Ikea wants to sell you used furniture

Ikea has opened its first store, which sells only second-hand items, in the Eskilstuna shopping center, west of Stockholm.

Ikea is looking for how to "green" its image.After launching a pilot project in 2019 on the rental of furniture, the Swedish giant of the furniture kit opened Monday a store that sells only second-hand items, in the center Eskilstuna shopping center, west of Stockholm.This “pilot” store, which will be reassessed on a regular basis, will be stocked with furniture and home furnishings from a nearby Ikea store, which have been damaged and then repaired.

By 2021, Ikea plans to install in each of its stores spaces dedicated to the collection and resale of used furniture, which is already the case in some of its establishments."Countries like the Australia or Canada are already testing repurchase services, ”said Paul Mills, a spokesperson for Ingka, the franchise that includes nearly 90% of stores worldwide.

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And from November 24th to December 3rd, the group will launch an unprecedented campaign to buy back furniture and then resell it, on the occasion of Black Friday.During this campaign called "Buy Back Friday", customers will receive a coupon.purchase of up to 50% of the initial price of the deposited Ikea object.The operation, carried out for the first time, is to take place in 27 countries."Anything that cannot be resold will be recycled or given to initiatives to help those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, ”the group detailed.

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Posted Date: 2020-11-13

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