This used furniture dresser simplifies the sale and purchase of second-hand furniture

izidore rethinks the classified ads with its virtual home page that allows you to quickly sell the furniture and appliances of your home but also to find them at your neighbor’s.

The purchase of second-hand furniture is often restrictive: non-conforming condition, complicated communication with the seller, furniture badly highlighted on the ad … So many brakes that push buyers but also sellers to curb their projects.

To empty his home or buy brands at low prices, the used furniture site izidore has the solution: chiner chez son voisin.With this virtual home exchange, the customer can now walk around the homes of people who sell their furniture near him.Whether it is furniture, second-hand appliances or decoration, the buyer can choose from a nice selection of second-hand ads.

How does it work?

With this virtual home sale, the seller does not create one ad per object but one ad per dwelling. For example, by taking a photo of his living room, he will be able to label the furniture he wants to sell. The buyer only has to wander from apartment to apartment to make his selection and find the second-hand sofa he wants.

With this responsible solution that avoids waste and over-consumption, when 63% of French people say they dispose of their used furniture in a waste collection centre, everyone is a winner.

A real time-saver for the seller, who can facilitate his move or his change of decoration, the buyer is also in the party as he saves money and does his shopping in conditions of immersion that he does not find in traditional advertising sites. He can visit an entire apartment sale or directly discover the second-hand tables or sofas available around his home. In addition, he can have them delivered directly to his home.

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