So the 10th Annual Toronto Board Meeting (TBM) has come and gone, and stoke levels in the city were at an all-time high.  For those who may not know, the Toronto Board Meeting is a yearly event that gathers Longboarders from all over, to push through the city in business attire... hence the name, Board Meeting. This years event drew over 1000 riders, and was the 2nd time that Champstiles has sponsored the event with some gnar goodies!

You can read a really well written history of the Board Meeting here - Short History of Board Meeting

This year we were able to donate prizes to the Board Meeting itself AND the next days Slide Fu event held at the infamous 'Pooper'.  Prizes included 3 custom burned 'TBM' boards; including a Roarockit pintail, a Bombora Board Griffin, as well as a Champstiles made, Pinebox Shuvla board for 'Best Trick' at Slide Fu. 

Bombora x Champstiles ...image courtesy of the Skate InvadersBurns-a-Burning the 'CHAMP RAMP' for Slide Fu + Best Trick prize board

We were also able to make and donate 2 custom made kicker's for the Slide Fu slide jam.  Only the brave dared hit them, but the kids had a great time setting them up and trying to show off for the large Sunday crowd.  Dan Herzog won the event for the 3rd straight year and walked away with a shit ton of prizes, including the Pinebox 'Best Trick' board. 

Ramp Photo courtesy of Scott Harrison + Dirtsurfer #CHAMPCHAIN

...and what would Board Meeting be without the documentary style wrap-up video by Toronto legend, Jonathan Nuss.  Nuss is the main man behind the lens for the Toronto longboard scene, the Skate Invaders, and a few Pinebox videos as well.  Here is his edit of 'Toronto Board Meeting 2012  - 10 Years of Stoke' ...enjoy.