DJCB x (3)

Toronto's own DJ Craig Brooklyn just got his 3rd, custom made and burned, wooden piece from Champstiles.  His first two commisioned pieces were some of the biggest, baddest #CHAMPCHAINS to date... but his third request was a little different.

This time he wanted something even bigger, something no one had done before.  Something that would make Ghostface shiver in his Wu-Wallabees... were talkin bout the first ever Champstiles Custom SHIELD!

Check out the making of all three custom pieces in this new video. 

DJ Craig Brooklyn is a wizard on the tables, and his new shield helps keep his mastery a mystery when he's spinning sets... Make sure to think of him if you ever need someone to spin some REAL vinyl at an event, and check out and Bottomline Entertainment for more information about his music and booking inquiries. 

Posted on October 27, 2012 .