Manifesto Rd.2

This was Champstiles Toronto's 2nd appearance at the annual Manifesto Festival, Live at the Square event.  It was another great day, not only for the Champstiles Team, but for everyone who attended.  The stage was shared by performers, activists and vendors alike, and it was truly a celebration of T Dot's finest.

Not only did we get an opportunity to meet some great people and showcase some new pieces of art, but Chris 'Burns' was also commisioned by Manifesto, to make a series of hand burned CHAMP(ionship) CHAINS for the 2nd Annual Floor Awards. 

The awards took place Friday of the weekend-long festival, and 20 chains were given out in recognition of Toronto's best B-Boys/Girls and Urban Dancers.  Some titles included 'Lifetime Achievement', 'Innovation & Originality', 'People's Choice' and 'Up Next' which was awarded to the best emerging dancers in each category. 

It was great to see our vision of actual Championship, Award-style chains being given out with the Champstiles name on them... and even better that they were all given to talented Torontonians ;)


The Freshest Goods Market at Yonge & Dundas Square was wild as always!  We got a front row view of some amazing live performers and musicians, while manning our 2 tables that Sunday. 

Aside from a few spats of rain, the day went perfectly!  Sooooo much talent in this city! SO MUCH.  It's always overwhelming to be right in the middle of so many friends and amazing people/artists/businesses. 

Lee for Mayor rockin' his #CHAMPCHAIN with Vice Mayor BLOCKA!!

Burns with Faction's Prime, holdin' the Champstiles custom made and burned 'Web Slingin' Emcess' skateboard.

Thank you Toronto. And thank you Manifesto... you do great work year round, and deserve the Festival celebration as much as anyone.  Cheers.

Posted on October 3, 2012 .