Whitby Station Gallery

Such a huge honour to finally have a piece being displayed at the Station Gallery in Whitby, for the Surfacing Magazine 'Off the Pages' exhibit. 

It all started when we were approached by Surfacing Magazine, a publication that 'Showcases Durham's Artistic & Creative People', to feature the pyrography of Chris 'Burns' Bennett in their Fall 2010 issue.  The article helped give the Champstiles brand some great exposure in the Durham Region, and the magazine's success led Surfacing to do their own art show at the infamous Station Gallery in Whitby a few years later. 

When we were approached by the creators of Surfacing Magazine to be in the show, they requested that the chest featured in the orginal article be submitted for display.  They wanted something large that would really stand out and show the diversity of their artists.  The chest itself is made from solid Pine and features 5 hand burned panels with cherry blossom flowers around the front and sides, and a rendition of the Pisces astrological sign on the top.

Posted on October 8, 2012 .