The NEW Home of Champstiles Woodburning

On behalf of myself, and the extended Champstiles family, we are excited to start this next chapter of my original Champstiles Woodburning.

Champstiles Toronto is a brand extension of the pyrography that I have been doing around the city since 2009.  I have always been inspired by the city I love, and my artwork has allowed me to meet some great people and take part in some great events... so many in fact, that I can longer view this as just MY business.  It is truly a combined effort.


From my close friends and family, to the Ontario Hip-Hop and Longboarding communities, many people have helped to shape and bring my visions to life.  I want to thank all of you the best way I know how - by continuing to share my success with the people around me.  

I intend for this 'blog' to be a place where I can showcase Champstiles events from around the city, and help shed light on some of the amazing talent around me as well.  I will also be doing regular features on some of the CHAMP CHAIN artists - The 'Chain Gang' - that I have done work with.

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Posted on April 24, 2012 .