Through their ascent of the Hip Hop ranks in the GTA and beyond - Champstiles has worked with Sha Prince and Flex of the Antiheroes to produce a set of custom, wood beaded CHAMP CHAINS.

The orginal two feature handburned artwork, a precisely cut out area within the Anarchy 'A', and have joined them on stage and in their upcoming 'Listen Up' video with D-Sisive and Rich Kidd. They have also spawned a bunch of custom chains featuring the 'Antiheroes' logo for friends and fam.

Make sure to check these guys out... They were already pretty sick, but they're starting to do a lot of cool projects and gettin the cred they deserve.  Peep the site, follow/like, all that jazz.!/theantiheroes

Posted on May 24, 2012 and filed under #CHAIN GANG.