KOTD Championship Chain

Champstiles Toronto has had the honour of making the brand new, handmade, burned and beaded CHAMP CHAIN. It made its debut at the Blackout 2, and was won by 'Whitby is the city's own PoRICH.

We knew this piece had to be bigtime, and it ended up being one of the most elaborate and detailed pieces so far.  

It was made with two seperate layers of laminated maple veneers, including red and black colour infused sheets, and a red aluminum outline of the KOTD 'Put your Money Where Your Mouth Iz' logo.

To finish it off, we shopped around for a custom combination of square shaped, gun metal beads in the shape of the CN Tower running up each side.  

The best part about this chain, is knowing how many talented and hungry MC's are gunning for it at any given time.  It represents a big part of the Toronto Hip Hop scene and is one of Champstiles finest.

On the hugely poplular - King of the Dot - YouTube channel, you can view the battle that the new CHAMP CHAIN made it's debut at, and many more... While your at it, you can peep the video highlighting the chain itself for a closer look!


Posted on May 24, 2012 and filed under #CHAIN GANG.