DJ Xplisit Reppin' Hard

Earlier this year (2012), we were contacted by a dude claiming to be 'Toronto's Craziest Beatboxing DJ' to make a pair of custom CHAMP CHAINS for him to rock on stage... From the moment they were delivered, Shiv Willoughby a.k.a. DJ Xplisit, was down with the CHAIN GANG! 

A few months went by, and the chains were poppin' up in different videos and projects of his.  After being exposed to some of his work, it became clear that he def. was a crazy-ass Beatboxing DJ!!  He combines the elements like no one else, and is doing some really cool work.

Here's a few links worth checkin' out:

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He recently got at us for a 2nd set of even bigger, and more custom pieces.  Shiv met with Burnsy in person, and explained that these pieces were a gift for friends of his that have hosted an event in Gimli, Manitoba for the past 5 years.  He wanted to make them extra special, and requested some extra text burned on the back as thanks... Champstiles is ALL ABOUT some custom shit, so we made that happen no doubt!

Big props to DJ Xplisit for his continued support and unique contributions to the Toronto music scene.

Posted on August 9, 2012 .