Keyway Designs

In my never-ending pursuit to find new wood products to burn, I came across a Toronto-based company called Keyway Designs who had been working on a new adhesive backed iPhone skin. I contacted them, showed them my work, and told them I would be the first in line when they had finished prototyping their product line.

The adhesive backed iPhone skins were one of their first products, and ended up being a perfect canvas for my woodburned artwork. I ended up purchasing a small lot of both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 sized skins and started practicing with the new canvas.

These little guys open up a world of customization and beautification options for your iphone. Champstiles Woodburning Toronto is now offering these as a product available to be custom woodburned for $45.  Every square inch of the skin can be burned with a custom design of your choosing. 

Contact to work out a design, shipping and payment details.

Keyway Designs has since expanded their product line and are always working on something new and fresh.  They do some beautiful inlays and custom etching on their veneers, and I am proud to be supporting the work of another small, creative, woodworking company in Toronto. Check out their site for more info about the skins themselves, and to see what other products they have available for burning ;)