Milk Boards Custom

Towards the end of the 2012 skate season, I was given a blank Milk Board longboard for another custom collaboration with Longboard Living in Toronto. The only instructions given were to incorporate the 'Milky Way' theme, and to "Do your thang Burnsy".

I sat on the blank board for a couple long winter months, letting an image brew in my head. It had to feature the 'Milkman' himself, shredding the stars with a CRAZY space scene behind him! Properly branded with his signature style and milk carton logo. 

As I laid down the burns, I started scheming on the background. My mind wandered to cosmic and colourful places... the kind of imagery that lent itself more to painting or digital art. It eventually came to me that my buddy Matt, who is pretty sick with the airbrush gun, could do exactly what I was picturing.

Matt, who's always down for a one-of-a-kind collabo, does some amazing woodwork as Frenique Customs out of Pickering. He makes anything from Muskoka chairs, to hand-turned spacers, longboards and even wakeskates. He agreed to donate his talents, and blew me away with the finished product!

The board turned out even better than I had anticipated. It was delivered to Longboard Living in Toronto, and got the stamp of approval from Milk himself. The combination of pyrography and air brushing worked amazingly well together and gave the piece that extra 'dimension' it needed. Next level shit.