Custom Longboard Art

Burning a custom graphic onto the bottom of a board is one of my favourite canvases to work on... especially when I get to make the board and don't have to sand off a previous image and finish before I start. 

I was recently contacted for a commisioned piece by a gentlemen in Florida, who wanted to get his girlfriend a longboard for her birthday with some very personalized imagery. He asked family and friends for an image each that best represents their relationship with her, and ended up with quite a list!  Everything from cd's, toys and furniture, to a smurf with a cigar and a burn mark on his arm... this was going to be quite a challenge, but I pride myself on being able to bring people's visions to life.

Just another example of how Champtiles Woodburning can work with you to design and burn just about anything onto a piece of wood.

Email for custom work.

I built the board using Roarockit's Thin Air Press and 7 layers of 1/16" Canadian Maple veneer.  The classic pintail shape ended up being the perfect canvas for the project, and the recipient was thrilled to receive such a one-of-a-kind gift. 

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