Ithaca Invasion

Saturday, April 27th, 2013 - Comet Skateboards held another epic Slide Jam in Ithaca, NY... and Toronto's own skate and art collective, the Skate Invaders, made their presence felt!

Now, I am honoured to be considered a member of this extremely talented group of individuals...and am admittedly THE WORST skater of the bunch. Because of that, I take the 'art collective' side of being an Invader very seriously!

This year, in preperation of the Ithaca Jam, I stripped down an old Comet Voodoo Doll and went to burning something special for my fellow Invaders to bring to the jam.

Using the photography of Jonathan Nuss as reference, I burned the steezy stylings of S.I. member John Park sliding his way off the Mothership and landing at this years Ithaca Slide Jam.

The board was presented to Comet, and given away to the 'most awesome of the awesome'... which happened to be Toronto's own Zachary Nyers! Way to hold it down man.

Photo by: Jonathan Nuss