Mayor Knotrob Ford

As you may of heard, Knotrob Ford is in some serious hot water! Reports say that the oft-maligned Mayor of Knotsville has been caught on camera smoking what appears to be a banned substance. The original footage, taken by Somalian fashionistas, was eventually eaten by Ford in what was described as an "unruly display of hunger".

Knotsville reporter and professional pyrographer, Chris Burns, was in the room when the incident took place:

"We were all hanging out on a typical Tuesday afternoon, smoking crack with our Somalian wardrobe specialists and BOOM... Knotrob jumps out of his chair, starts feverishly waving his hands around in the air and makes a bee-line towards Farxaan screaming, I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR PHOOONNNEEEE!!!!!"

Burns went on to say that although he felt threatened by the incident, he knew right then and there that he had to let the people of Knotsville know the truth about the man they once adored.

So he started doing what he does best - woodburning his rendition of the fateful scene for all the world to see.

The 'Knoteye' series feature characters that are brought to life using the artist's imagination, and the natural defects in a given piece of wood.