Blue Jays Art Party

For those of you who me personally, you know that I am a die hard Toronto Blue Jays fan. Always have been, always will be. So when I was approached by my buddy - and extremely talented artist Jimmy Chiale - to submit a few pieces for a Blue Jays themed art know I was down!

The show took place on Saturday, April 27th at Tequila Bookworm on Queen W. It was a great oppourtunity for me to display three new woodburnings of mine, all while drinking good beer (Wellington SPA to be exact) and watching the Jays vs. Yankees game upstairs on their giant projector. The Jays lost, but good times were had.

Check out some of my favourite submissions for the show, as well as the live art that took place on the patio and the process of creating my Blue Jays inspired burnings:

KnotyeyeBats19 bout to crank one out of the park!R.A. Knoteye lettin that knuckler fly.

Three amazing Jays paintings from the show... trying to find the artists' names.

One of my all-time favourite pieces of art EVER by Jimmy Chiale