Toronto 180

On March 6th, 2014, Happy Birthday Toronto, the Canadian Alternative Arts Collective (CA-AC) and Steamwhistle Brewery put on an exhibit to celebrate Toronto's 180th Anniversary with the 'Past, Present and Future' theme. 

As a proud member of the CA-AC, I was invited to take part in the event and produced an original burning just for the show. I had always wanted to do a pyrography map, and figured this would be a great oppourtunity to do a unique burning of the city I love. 

The burning took about 20 hours to complete and is done on a handmade, 24" x 36" bent maple veneer canvas meant to replicate an old scroll map.

After doing some research for the piece (and picturing it hanging in a brewery), I decided to do portraits of Toronto's first and most recent mayors... in what I like to call, my 'Legends of the Pub' series. William Lyon Mackenzie and Rob Ford will go down as two of the most rebellious and drunken leaders of this great city!