Q: How low should my chain hang?!

A: Custom CHAMP CHAINS can be made to any length with almost any type of beads available.

The length of our standard chain is 36" and the pendent hangs approximately 8" below your chin.

You can use this sizing chart above to get an idea of where you might want your pendant to sit on a custom order.

Q: What is Pyrography?

A: Pyrography (writing with fire) is the ancient art of decorating wood with a controlled heat source.  Professional pyrographer Chris Burns uses the Razertip system for his handmade woodburnings.

Q: What kind of images can you burn?

A: If you can take a picture of it, then we can find a way to transfer that image to wood. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Yes! Most of the work done under the 'Champstiles' name has been one-of-a-kind, and custom designed pieces of art.  We take great pride in taking peoples visions and making them come to life! 

You can contact us for quotes on custom work by email: champstiles@gmail.com

Q: What kind of wood can be burned?

A: Anything that's flat, and actually wood! Solid woods with lighter shades (pine, maple, basswood, birch) usually work best as the contrast with the burned areas is more noticeable.  But any wood can be used, even just a thin layer of veneer.  We have the ability to strip and sand down pre-existing finishes if needed, and can refinish the wood to match any prior colour.

Q: Where can I buy your artwork:

A: Original artworks currently for sale are listed on the SHOP page of this site. Artwork can be shipped to the customer or picked up directly from the artist.