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Champstiles is a Toronto-based brand, inspired by the wood burnings of artist Chris Burns.

Artist Statement:

Pyrography is the art of writing with fire; an ancient craft used by artists around the world to permanently mark a variety of surfaces. Equipped with an arsenal of specialized tools and combining my skills as an artist with my background as a woodworker, I have been able to burn my mark on Toronto’s vibrant art community. I take great pride in putting a modern twist on pyrography and exposing a new generation to the possibilities of this niche medium. 

Most of the work I do is commission based, and working with a variety of different clientele to create art has really helped expand my portfolio. Because of this, I like to think of myself as a well-rounded artist that can adapt to different styles based on a specific project or objective.

Without the influence of customer guidelines, my original pieces of art are often interpretations of the things I enjoy. Nature, politics, sports, music, TV/movies, Toronto/Canadian culture, friendships and love are all subjects I like to explore, and my sense of humour always finds a way onto the wood.

 When developing an idea for a work of art, I spend a lot of time searching for a piece of wood that speaks to me as a canvas. One of the beautiful things about wood is that every piece is unique and brings its own character to a project. I often use recycled or reclaimed wood and do my best to highlight the natural beauty of each piece.